About North Kitsap Preschool

Our Teacher To Student Ratio... Incredible!

Beginners: 9-10 Teachers for 27-32 Students
Pre-K: 5-6 Teachers: 18-24 Students

Each of our large classes are divided into small groups for individualized instruction. For example: a class of 24 Pre-K students will be divided into 3 small groups of 8 students. Also, a class of 32 Beginners will be divided into mini-groups of 8.

Creative Play Fosters Self Control

We emphasize the 3 R's as the keys to positive peer relationships:

  • Respectful Behaviors
  • Reasonable Actions
  • Responsible Choices

Positive Self-Image Goals

  • Your child feels loved and respected.
  • Your child is eager to learn.
  • Your child is confident and anticipates success in school.
  • Your child is equipped to succeed and make choices promoting cognitive, social, emotional growth, and spiritual maturity.

To Gateway Eagles

To Gateway Eagles