Parental Testimonials

We love NKPS! Our daughter enjoys going to North Kitsap Preschool during the year, but she LOVED summer camp. She wanted to keep going until the school year started. The teachers are wonderful, caring and make the day fun for the kids. She also really liked the chance to interact with kids of different ages who she would not be in her regular preschool class. It was a wonderful experience for our daughter. Thank you to you, the teachers and all their helpers! We will be back next summer.
-The Zahumensky Family

We enrolled our first son in 1995, and have since sent all four of our kids. The spiritual, academic and social foundations they receive here have been incredible!
-Dave & Trish Tougas

The staff and parents make this school feel like a family; the children are known by name and loved on daily.
-Brent & Jamie Schmidt

We truly believe that Gateway offers such a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and it is this atmosphere that has enabled our son to thrive academically, socially and spiritually.
-Ben & Tamara Dykstra

Our three daughters have received an excellent education, made lifetime friendships, and learned lifetime values. The training and nurturing, both academic and spiritual, have enabled them to go on to secular high school well equipped.
-Debbie Jergenson

To Gateway Eagles

To Gateway Eagles